Born in South Korea and raised on a farm outside Fort Collins, Colorado. Despite being born premature with medical issues, he persevered to become an uncontested Nissen Emery Award winner.  From mom-and-tot gymnastics classes to the most decorated gymnast in NCAA history. Handed no shortcuts during the course of his career, Yul Moldauer has risen to the challenge at every level along the way in his journey to winning a World Bronze medal on floor. Whether it was stepping up and leading the U.S. Junior National Team to Gold at the 2013 International Junior Mexican Cup,

to winning the All-Around at the NCAA Championships as a true freshman, to leading Oklahoma to three straight national team titles and seven individual titles, taking the 2017 U.S. Championships by storm by winning the all-around title, and finally giving the men’s national team a reason to believe again.  In less than a year Yul Moldauer will be contending for an Olympic Team spot for Tokyo 2020. The world has only caught a glimpse of what is to come. Those who know him best will attest to the fact that we have only seen a preview of what he and his team are really capable of accomplishing.


Secret Javas